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The organisation pursuing digital transformation must embrace new ways to use and deploy integration technologies, so they can move quickly in a manner appropriate to the goals of multi cloud, decentralisation and micro services. Challenges of a centralised ESB pattern are

  1. Deployment changes could potentially destabilise other unrelated interfaces running on the centralised ESB.
  2. Servers containing many integrations had to be kept running and patched live wherever possible.
  3. Topologies for high availability and disaster recovery were complex and expensive.
  4. For stability, servers typically ran many versions behind the current release of software reducing productivity.

Cloud-native application architecture lets developers use a platform as a means for abstracting away from underlying infrastructure dependencies. Instead of configuring, patching, and maintaining operating systems, teams focus on their software. By adopting cloud native architecture, the components such as deployment, delivery, resources, security, operations, routing are taken care by the cloud computing platforms. This architecture focuses on Dev ops (automation), Micro services, Containers.

Automation Flow

App Connect Enterprise V11 also includes the following features:

  1. Extensive connectivity options across Cloud services, Cloud platforms, SaaS, and existing on-premises applications
  2. Simple tools for all styles of user, which work together to expose, orchestrate, and curate data
  3. Support for multiple integration styles, from SOA/ESB, API, and micro service-based, to point-and-click event-driven integration
  4. Flexible deployment options for deploying in any cloud or on-premises system so that you can run your integration solution close to the applications that it connects

You can choose IBM App Connect Enterprise for production environments, or try out IBM App Connect Enterprise for Developers without charge for development and testing purposes. The developer edition has all features enabled but is limited to one message (transaction) per second at the message flow level.

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