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Gramener IT Services is one of the well known Automation Anywhere RPA service company in India, We provide sustainable and specialized IT solutions which add value to our clients.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a fantastic way to automate business processes. Gramener’s RPA development model works to set up an Effective, Responsive and Scalable Process Automation for your business.

Why RPA Development?

New-age technologies like IoT, cognitive computing and task-level Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are helping organizations to overcome challenges like reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increasing workforce efficiency, and reducing human error.
RPA, in particular, brings the speed of digital to the market while reducing the high cost of employing humans for executing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
To opt for RPA is beneficial in numerous ways as it never sleeps, makes zero mistakes, reduces cost, and saves time which leads to accuracy and productivity.

Why Choose Gramener’s RPA Development services?

Gramener is a known name in the industry when it comes to RPA Development. We provide a highly functional software to boost the productivity by excluding all the repetitive task from the working process.
Our RPA development experts create smarter and standardised processes for improved customer experiences, process transparency, rapid and automated reporting.
Once the RPA software is programmed to understand specific processes, it can automatically process and manipulate data, trigger responses, and communicate with other systems as and when required. Rule-based processes can also be easily re-configured because RPA is basically code-free and does not require critical programming skills to modify the pre-coded bots.
This in turn, makes process execution scalable and elastic ⎯ a key requirement in today’s dynamic business environment.

We Offer various RPA Solutions such as:
  1. Business Process Automation
  2. Attended & Unattended Automation
  3. Web & Screen scraping Automation
  4. Desktop Automation
  5. PDF, Excel, Email Data extraction and process Automation

Our RPA Development experts utilise industry leading RPA tool such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism.

Best fit Strategy enables RPA solution to address routine tasks effectively.

Gramener synchronizes its software development expertise and uses industry standardized RE Framework and Customized IFSD framework to maximize the benefits from all RPA implementations.

We Identify
  1. The repetitive process performed by the client that can be optimized by implementing the RPA.
  2. The resource and effort utilization taken for completing the process.
  3. Manual or automation requirement for each process.
  4. The opportunities for automation through coalition of data, processes, procedures and discussions.
We Analyze
  1. The Automation possibilities and build POC
  2. The feasibility study to cover the requirement using RPA with 100% accurate solution
  3. Rule based automation, Digital trigger based on data and Stable process
  4. The comparison of original and RPA efforts including other value-added benefits.
We Develop
  1. Develop scripts on the RPA Tool and conduct live trials
  2. Simplify the component creation as much as possible for effective reuse
  3. End to end automation with the help of scripting
  4. Single executable solution from creating test data of bot execution and validation across AUT

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