The COVID pandemic, which originated in Wuhan, China, at the end of 2019, has spread throughout the world, affecting millions of people and industries. The International Monetary Fund has projected that the global economy would "contract sharply by 3 percent in 2020, much worse than during the 2008–09 financial crisis."

The post-COVID world will see a sea change in the way things run in every industry including Digital / IT industry. As per a recent Gartner survey, several organizations are expected to continue the remote working plans for significant workforce even after the pandemic. The way things run will undergo a seismic shift.

At Gramener IT Services, we have transitioned successfully into a remote workplace with assets such as videoconferencing and collaboration tools. We have established required infrastructure to support the remote work. We have redefined workflows and communications to minimize the impact on our operations. Gramener IT Services has clients worldwide and our client base includes government organizations, Pharma, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Banking & Financial Services and Non-Profit organizations.

With our ability to rapidly innovate and build sustainable solutions around client needs, we are helping enterprises act on the need of the hour, and sustain with adequate operational efficiency level. Our employees & management team is staying in constant touch with our clients using secure communication methods to ensure all projects are progressing well without any productivity loss. We have established appropriate sourcing/hiring strategy to ensure we meet the high demand for our offerings / services. We also have a strong e-learning system to continuously enhance the skill levels of our talent.

Stay well, and please do stay connected as we manage through this crisis.

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Gramener IT Services delivers world class solutions leveraging niche technology offerings across Application Development & Testing, BI / Analytics, Enterprise Application Integration & Business Process Management and Infrastructure Management Services. We are a niche IT Services org focused on IBM, Microsoft, Mobility and Open Source technology based solutions. We are specifically focused on building dedicated offshore development centres to provide application development, maintenance and testing services.